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Some banks ask cardholders to activate their credit card by logging into their net banking system for successful card activation.There are also options available for card activation and pin generation through ATMs.

The customer service desk will be available to serve the customers. You can log your disputes through the relevant customer care services.

There are several benefits available for credit cards such as balance transfer options, cash on card, ATM cash withdrawal, easy approval, EMI purchases, etc.

Yes, you can do balance transfer from other cards.

The applicant shall be employed in UAE, with a valid residence visa Minimum salary required is AED 5,000 Payslips/bank statements of the past 3 months The applicant must be a minimum of 21 years.

48 months

Company needs to be listed to avail the personal loan . And STL is a commitment and customer has to transfer the same bank where he availed the personal loan without a clearance letter company should not transfer the loan to any other bank, may bank take legal action violating this. However, Salary transfer is customer choice if he or she does not plan to take the PL.

Yes, you can avail a personal loan even if your employer is not approved by the bank. However, certain conditions apply.

The minimum salary that is required for availing a home loan is AED 5,000/-

After the COVID 19 pandemic UAE property price gone down to the lowest, again the price of the property is going up due to EXPO 2021 and UAE is open for the business. This is the best time to buy a property, as well as bank’s interest/profit rate is the lowest.

The key factors that one should keep in mind while applying for a home loan/finance is the interest rate and the loan to value for the particular property.

It requires 15% down payment for UAE nationals and 20% down payment for expats for their first property.

Indeed, getting a home loan/home finance in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any of the other emirates is a significant financial commitment. You should make a thought out decision on whether to buy property on mortgage or cash based on your: - Financial condition
- Life stage
- Present liabilities/loans
- Financial goals
- Any other factors that might impact your financial future

It is a form of loan granted by banks for the specific purpose of buying or constructing a property regardless of the property type.The loan is granted by the bank per their applicable policies and with a profit/interest margin on the granted amount.

In general, there are many different types of mortgage products, and the banking sector in UAE has provided different categories, including the following: - Mortgage with different plans for citizens and residents
- Constructions and development loans
- Mortgage for commercial purposes
- Land Financing

Yes, a group of banks operating in the UAE market has developed solutions for such cases and provided policies for non-resident clients with a group of additional requirements that clients can easily meet and provide Contact one of our real estate finance consultants to answer your inquiry in this regard

Of course, this does not limit your freedom, taking into account the need for the client to be committed to paying the installments due on the financing on time.

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